OMG this is AMAZING !!!! Thanks so much!


Wow!!!! This is absolutely wonderful! 

It is soooooooo beautiful. Thank you. Really special. Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

Oh my!  I'm speechless (very unusual)!!!  It is BEAUTIFUL!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and thank you a million times more!

Your piano-gram helped me reach out to my dad in Pennsylvania at a time when he was feeling very lonely. It was a blessing to both of us, and the work and time and love you put into it is appreciated more than I can say.

Oh my gosh This was absolutely divine Christmas doesn't get any better than having a holiday gift like this. My thanks to each of you for your creativity and your love.

Thank you David - the whole Xmas Piano-gram made me teary eyed.

Your playing is wonderful.  What an incredibly unique and special gift.

This was amazing. I’ve watched it 10 times already.  Thank you!!!!  

This is awesome.  Thank you sooo much. I was having a hard time waking up this morning and this changed that!
Happy Holidays!

OMG!!! That made me cry.  It is so beautiful.  David, thank you. This was amazing. What a perfect gift for me! 

Ohh my goodness...I sat there and cried like a baby!!! How beautiful and much needed. 

Super! Fantabulous!  She will LOVE it!  It will be a very special spark for her Christmas since she will not be able to be with us.
Ted & Velma

That was beyond perfect! Thank you so much. That was just incredible. I’ve watched it ten times. 

Hard to write anything with tears streaming down. Thanks SO much. The whole effect of music and video was just perfect and beautiful. I will treasure it.

David—I am sitting in my office…..on the day of my final Board meeting as CEO----crying my eyes out.   That was so beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me, and for helping my amazing sister to embrace the wonder and complexity that is The South.

Oh David!!! So exquisite!!!!! And Mike, the video, lighting, etc.  Y'all just made my Christmas! Thank you.  Sending love, hugs and Christmas joy to you both!

I love it thank you!!!!

My parents absolutely loved it! Thank you very much for getting this to them. Hope you both have a wonderful holiday season and get to share your gift with many- I wish I had the talent! 

That was so very beautiful! We listened first this morning in the car at Biltmore and held hands while listening. Just listened and watched again; the photography is gorgeous! I'm in the mood now for love AND Christmas! 
Thank you so much my dear friend. Most beautiful rendition of the Christmas Song ever.


THANK YOU!  Amazing Grace was supercalifragilisticexpialidocius!  Thanks for the extra effort to grant my request.  I love it. 
Ted & Velma

It was wonderful. You have a special gift to share. I'm so thankful my family gave me the opportunity to hear you and enjoy one of my favorite pieces of music. Merry Christmas.

It made my mom cry. she loved it and is playing it over and over and over.

I have to say this is the most peaceful and beautiful gift I received this year. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.
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