An ARTIST PIANO-GRAM is our premium video creation that features any
vocal or instrumental artist accompanied by David in a
shared split screen PIANO-GRAM.

Our ARTIST PIANO-GRAM can feature your daughter singing or your son on the violin.
You can create a specific performance for an audition or create
a memorable performance of yourself for the fun of it.

An ARTIST PIANO-GRAM is a unique and joyful method to
capture a musical performance and share it with relatives, friends
or others anywhere on the planet.

Here how it works:

You designate the Artist.
David then consults with that Artist to discuss the song
choice and to determine the key and style.

David records a video of the song and sends to the Artist.
 Using their cell phone, the Artist records a video of
their performance and sends it back to us.

We curate and edit the Artist’s performance using digital sound tools.
We merge the performances together and create the split screen ARTIST PIANO-GRAM.

Click below to see an example of an ARTIST PIANO-GRAM with the song, 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ featuring André Ellerby:

Each ARTIST PIANO-GRAM is priced at $100.

To order, please complete the following steps:
01.  Complete the ARTIST PIANO-GRAM order form:  HERE
02.  Complete the payment checkout
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