My name is DAVID TROY FRANCIS.  I am a successful, life-long musician who is passionate about communicating through music.
A PIANO-GRAM is an extraordinary and memorable gift of music.
It is a one-of-a-kind, personalized piano performance video of your song selection by concert pianist, recording artist and film recording pianist David Troy Francis.  
We offer PIANO-GRAMs for holidays, condolences, anniversaries and other momentous occasions.  Please check out our REVIEWS  from our delighted customers.

We also have three kinds of PIANO-GRAMS: 
1)  The original PIANO-GRAM showcases an arrangement that includes a personal message from the giver to the recipient.  Check out these categories!  It is affordably priced at $35.
2)  The RAINBOW BRIDGE PIANO-GRAM honors the passing of a furry, beloved member of your family.  This poignant PIANO-GRAM includes video and photos of your pet and is set to the song, A GRASSY FIELD from BARK! The Musical!  These are priced at $75.  Ask David about these.  
3)  The ARTIST PIANO-GRAM creates a split screen video that features an instrumental or vocal artist accompanied by Mr. Francis in the performance.  Ask David about these.
Create a joyful musical memory by sending a PIANO-GRAM today!
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